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Larry David is not a big fan of ‘Tiger King’

Larry David is not a big fan of ‘Tiger King’

Larry David has contradictory views to Netflix’s claim that millions of people are watching ‘Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness”. It’s not just that Larry David dislikes the new docuseries, but he hates it completely. 

Larry David’s statements from a recent interview

Initially, Larry states that he found Tiger King as a very disturbing docuseries. Further, he says that the tigers and the lions scare him a lot. And, Larry says that the docuseries is insane and vicious due to the violence present in it. And, he clarifies that he couldn’t watch it completely because those animals were going to attack and kill somebody. 

Howard Stern has the same views as that of Larry David

Howard Stern also believes that ‘Tiger King’ is not something that the parents should allow their kids to watch. During Tuesday, while conducting his radio show, Howard states that the series is glorifying animal abuse and it left him ‘bummed out’. Lastly, he says that he couldn’t bear to watch the entire series and bailed out. 

Whereas, citing the phase of lockdown amidst the pandemic coronavirus, lots of people are enjoying the series with their family. 

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