Iñaki Urdangarin Cries Inconsolably With Ainhoa Armentia

The photographs, published this Wednesday by Diez Minutos , were taken just a few days ago in the vicinity of her work, the Imaz & Asociados law firm, where the two met when he also worked there while he was completing his third grade.

The ex of the infanta Cristina arrived in his car under the protection of the escorts who continue to ensure his safety because he is a relative of Felipe VI . Shortly after, Ainhoa ​​herself came down from the offices and inside the vehicle they had a conversation that ended with Iñaki, visibly nervous and making a fuss, covered in tears. Ainhoa ​​tried to reassure him and take away his anguish, although his efforts fell on deaf ears. More than 20 minutes this unpleasant talk between the two lasted. Armentia went back to work and he, worried, took the car elsewhere.

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It is the first summer that Urdangarin spends separated from the infanta Cristina, with whom he has already signed the dissolution of the capitulations, this being the first step towards the official divorce. A few weeks ago they were together in Bidart, where they met in a beach bar to the amazement of the neighbors and tourists in the area.

They shared a table but did not even look at each other during the 30 minutes that their meeting lasted, in which they exchanged phrases while looking at the ocean. The bodyguards of both prevented this meeting from being immortalized. A day later, Iñaki and don Juan Carlos’s daughter met again, this time with their children, Pablo , Miguel and Irene . Together they enjoyed a beach day with maximum normality. A few days before, Iñaki and Ainhoa ​​themselves were hunted on a nudist beach , where they did not contain their passion.

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