María Jesús Montero Reproaches The Refusal Of The PP

The Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, has reproached the PP for its “refusal” to support the measures that have come into force in Spain on September 1, such as free commuter and medium-distance train transport and the reduction of 30 percent in urban transport bonds , since these are “relief” initiatives for the working middle class framed in a “common sense” policy.

He has indicated that this September 1 is a “very important” day for all citizens , because free transport has begun for local and medium-distance trains, and the 30 percent reduction in urban transport, which it means “a relief for the working middle class, a policy of common sense at a time as important as the one we live in” but that “had the refusal of the PP to support it”.

“Despite this (the refusal of the PP to support these measures with the vote) , today many young people, many workers are moving in our country in a way that is much more in line with their economic interests and we are also promoting greater use of transport. public” , he defended at a press conference this Thursday in Mérida after previously meeting with the president of the Junta de Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara.

In this sense, Montero has highlighted that in the face of the “refusal” of the PP, the central government is working “for all citizens, especially for those who always need politics , public powers to continue advancing”, applying initiatives of “transformations in depth”, but at the same time taking care of “the day to day of the citizenship”.

Thus, he has considered that in Spain we must feel “proud” of initiatives such as those that come into force on September 1 at the national level and that “allow everyone to continue advancing.”

“We have to, as far as possible, abandon our unique or private form of travel, which is much more expensive for our pockets, much more expensive for the whole of energy consumption, which today is an important weapon to win the war in Ukraine. , and therefore I believe that today we can be proud of initiatives that allow us all to continue advancing”, he said.

Finally, Montero has stressed that the national government will continue “in that line, to that extent and therefore alleviating the pockets of citizens with selective measures”, such as the one announced by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, this Thursday in a reduction of VAT on gas from 21 to 5 percent.

fuel discount
The Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, has advanced that the Government does not plan to increase the fuel discount as the French Government has done , which as of this Thursday has increased it to 30 cents per liter.

In her speech, the Minister of Finance recalled that the Government of Spain currently maintains a bonus of 20 cents per liter of fuel , before which “we have no variation in relation to this issue”, she said.

As he has highlighted, the price of fuel “in the last week has fallen, although very slowly, and hopefully it can continue to drop “, after which he has trusted that the current bonus of 20 cents per liter “continues to have the that we hope is having relief in the company bill and in the domestic bill”.

“We believe that we are heading in the right direction , and therefore we have no change in relation to this issue,” said the minister, who recalled that this Thursday the gas VAT reduction was announced, for which she highlighted that the measures “have to be adopted progressively”.

In this sense, Montero has considered that “as the situation unfolds”, the Government is “having the capacity to react and the capacity for each measure , at the right time”, after which it has opted for “selective tax reductions”, since that “those that are global are contraindicated, because those would be bad for us to continue giving aid” to sectors such as transport.

Energetic Matter
In her speech, María Jesús Montero highlighted the “importance of Europe dealing with energy matters as one of the priorities of European construction”, after which she pointed out that “not in vain, the President of the Government has been promoting something that seems to be at least beginning to be discussed, and I hope that soon, to see its fruits, which is a new regulation of the electricity market”.

It would be a regulation “that does not harm families and is therefore similar to those mechanisms that, with the Iberian exception , the Government of Spain itself has promoted in the European Union.”

“I think it’s good, and that the whole country should rejoice in the leadership that President Sánchez is exercising in the European debate “, since, according to the Minister of Finance, this will “allow many of the issues that we cannot do it alone, due to the interdependence we have with other countries and with European regulations, they may be the protagonists in the future”.

In Montero’s opinion, “there is regulatory capacity that the Government of Spain cannot exercise because it is limited by Europe’s own regulatory framework”, in response to which the Prime Minister “has been trying for months in Europe to start changing so that we can also make changes within our country”.

Finally, the Minister of the Treasury considered “good news” that the Government of France had “shown itself available to study the possibility of the gas pipeline”, which, according to what she said, “would be very important for us to be able to reduce this dependence on energy and we have more autonomy in relation to gas in Europe as a whole”, he concluded.

Gas VAT reduction
The State will stop entering some 190 million euros between October and December of this year due to the reduction in VAT on gas from 21 to 5 percent announced this Thursday by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez.

“The Government will continue to accompany families with measures that are appropriate at the appropriate times”, the minister remarked after defending this measure announced by Sánchez in the face of the imminent arrival of a winter in which the price of gas is expected to continue to rise to elevated levels.

It is, according to the head of the Treasury, a “selective” tax measure for families and companies to save around these almost 200 million euros. Although in principle this tax reduction will be applied between October and December, the Government is open to extending it throughout the next year, depending on the situation.

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