Castilla y León launches Leading To Promote Women In Business Management

The CEOE in Castilla y León and the Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities have launched this Wednesday a new edition, the fourth already, of the Women and Management Program (‘We lead’) with the participation of thirty women who will be offered training in order to improve their skills in managerial positions within small and medium-sized enterprises and family companies.

To participate in ‘Leading’ it is necessary to meet the triple requirement of being a woman, a manager and a company leader and the objective pursued by the organizers is none other than to enhance their leadership and facilitate their promotion, acquiring skills, helping them understand when vital they are, what challenges they face and reinforce their knowledge to lead teams.

The profile of the participants, from all over Castilla y León, is of women with relevant positions within companies linked to diverse sectors, such as Graphic Arts, Wine, Communication, Transport, Construction, Digital Marketing, Senior Citizens, IT and People Services with Mental Illness, among others.

The training program consists of a double aspect, team or group and individual, with sessions that are held at the CEOE CyL headquarters, in Valladolid, with a first session this Wednesday and two next ones on November 10 and 24, at which will be followed by two more individual ones.

During the presentation of this new edition, an act in which the vice president of CEOE CyL, Ángela de Miguel, and the director of the Women of the Board, María Victoria Moreno, the first of them, participated, in statements collected by Europa Press, explained that it is a leadership and empowerment initiative in senior management with a gender perspective for women in the Community, “very successful both due to the satisfaction surveys of the participants and the results obtained”, referring to the increase in access of women to managerial positions in companies.

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In fact, De Miguel has brought up the results of the latest edition of the 18th Woman in Business Report, according to which 36 percent of management positions in medium-sized Spanish companies are held by women, above the average European Union, 33 percent, with which “Spain is at the top of the ten best countries in gender equality in leadership positions”.

But in addition, a study by CEOE points out that closing the gender gap in small and medium-sized and family businesses would contribute to creating 2.8 million jobs, generating 131.1 billion euros–10 percent of GDP in 2021– and it would reduce unemployment by 1.8 million unemployed, with which the employed population would increase by 14 percent.

For her part, the director of Women on the Board, María Victoria Moreno, recalled that there is still a long way to go regarding the incorporation of women into leadership positions in the business world but, in this sense, she has used to point out that the concept of equality is not exclusive but rather the opposite .

“We are not rivals but accomplices, and for this reason I claim the role of women in all orders of society in equality and with projection of their identity. For this reason, the new leadership models should be plural and diverse, as also is society”, he clarified, before concluding transferring all the support and commitment of his department to the program.

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